Eclipse Earrings


An eclipse is a mechanical event. The need to understand and predict eclipses has been an integral part of our human history. The sun begins to disappear and then returns.  The effect here in the Southwest is similar to a sunrise over an empty mesa consumed by shadow. The sand and scrub are cast in gray light. Then, as if exhaling, the light goes back to copper and gold and comes back steadily until it is just another day.

The eclipse line of jewelry is inspired by the unique experience of eclipses here in New Mexico. We are as fascinated as anyone by this phenomenon. Inspired by our own photographs of eclipse light patterns, these designs are an expression of the movement of light, the immensity of solar bodies overwhelming each other in the sky, and our own sense of delight witnessing one of the most profound mechanics of our world.

MEASURES 1.5" width, 0.5" length, silver findings, lucite half spheres.

Each item is made to order and takes about a week to ship. All sales are final.

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