Ocotillo Tote in Mañana


The skeleton of the ocotillo stalk is a distinct artifact of the Southwestern desert and its latticework pattern is the inspiration for this wrapping necklace. Legendary for its exceptional strength and vigor, the ocotillo is an ancient resident of the rocky desert hills whose name is a Spanish derivation of the Aztec word for pine.

Mañana doesn’t mean tomorrow and it doesn’t mean in the morning. It means we aren’t going to worry right now. A word that wards off all of life’s little concerns. Mañana is in the New Mexico way of life and the local sense of humor. The mirrored italicized text alludes to New Mexico’s fast speed highways connecting remote towns and mirages in the desert.

Stiff leather sculptural handle with rubber cord, waxed custom printed canvas.

MEASURES handle 1 1/2" diameter by 9" long, canvas tote measures 11" wide by 15 1/2" tall. 

Each item is made to order and takes about a week to ship. All sales are final.

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