Mirage Earrings


This design takes its inspiration from the Fata Morgana mirages or as they are sometimes called "floating mountain" mirages. The optical effect of this dramatic mirage has astonished explorers throughout history. This type of mirage has the unique effect of widening the object in the distance. Some have suggested the origin of Coronado's fabled cities of gold was inspired by this mirage reflected from the golden colors of the desert. The illusion of a mountain or city seen floating above the horizon can be explained by the refraction of light and perspective but that does not diminish the experience. Here a base circle marks a single point of view that looks up to a curved bar floating above the horizon on radiating shimmer lines.

MEASURES 2.25” drop, 1.75" width, niobium findings.

FAUX colors are made using high quality vegan leather.

Each item is made to order and takes about a week to ship. All sales are final.

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