Dragonfly Necklace


Dragonflies are venerated everywhere they are found and symbolize a lightness of the soul and agility of the mind. The dragonfly motif is found in the arts and crafts around the world with a unique significance in our Southwest region. When Spanish missionaries introduced symbolic crosses, especially the double-barred cross, they were eventually adapted into a wide variety of patterns including many representations of dragonflies still found in arts and crafts throughout the region.

We introduce our take on this iconic double winged flier. Our recall of spring days and warm summer nights by the Rio Grande is inseparable from the acrobatics and flash of color from our local dragonflies. They are one of the earths earliest fliers, over 300 million years old but their enthusiastic flight and simple silhouettes are utterly timeless. 

MEASURES pendant with leather fringe is 3/4" wide by 6 1/2" long, 13 1/2" drop, coated steel pendant, onyx beads, braided leather cord, silver tubing and closure.

Each item is made to order and takes about a week to ship. All sales are final.

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