Colt Basket


There may be no more iconic symbol of the American West than the Cowboy Hat. Classic Western films spread the image of the cowboy hat around the world making the hat indistinguishable from American ideas of chivalry and of a cowboy code. Tipping the hat is a gesture with a long history. To other men a simple tug of the hat brim would do but to impress a lady the gesture was always grander and with a romantic flair, offering a deep bow and sweep of the hat.

It's this gesture that inspires our new leather basket. Taking design cues from the upturned cowboy hat with its shallow bowl and the inverted "Carlsbad crease" in the center, this bowl casts an intricate shadow with its lattice work pattern. It is a table piece and it's a nod to those rough romantics on the silver screen. 

MEASURES 8" long by 4 1/2" wide by 1 1/4" tall.

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