Luna Bonita Necklace


The high desert connects with its inhabitants in unique ways. The haunting feeling of this landscape comes from its ability to preserve a sense of vast time and memory in the silence and distance of its open spaces and in the water carved sandstone canyons. In the area of the Chaco Canyon a civilization etched into the landscape a memory of their culture, preserved by the climate, and still speaking to us in a language of form that is abstract but also visceral. Between AD 850 and AD 1150 the ancestral Puebloan people designed and built Pueblo Bonito - center of the Chacoan world. The site has been studied for over one hundred and fifty years and it still keeps many secrets. Current thinking suggests that Pueblo Bonito was a ritual center. Pueblo Bonito is divided into two by a precisely aligned wall, running north to south, through the central plaza. This pendant is folded along that wall.

The Luna Bonita Necklace combines the ancient form of the site with contemporary technology. Removing the pueblo from its context changes its significance. The language of the form speaks to everyone differently. To some it resembles a meteorite. Others recognize Pueblo Bonito and it surfaces their own connections to place. We are straining to decipher what is an echo of another time and place, another world.

MEASURES 3.5" long, 3" wide, adjustable 24” leather cord, stainless chain, onyx beads, copper or silver tubing, wood backing.

FAUX colors made using vegan leather.

FAUX CREAM on model.

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